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Team Contract


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North Monterey County Condors Track & Field


Dear track and field athletes & parents,

Welcome to Condor Track & Field, one of the most exciting and successful programs at North Monterey County High School! We are looking forward to having you as part of the track family. Everyone can contribute in some way and were very excited to have you! The team has a rich tradition, which includes many coaches and athletes. The large turnout has helped the program establish itself as one of the elite teams in the area. As we gear up for the 2004 season we anticipate great success as we compete in the Monterey Bay League as well as the Central Coast Section. Both the boys and girls programs are the Defending MBL Champions and are gearing up for what should be another championship season. Both teams return many athletes that have contributed to the program and should make 2004 a very successful and unforgettable season!Below are some of the expectations that the athletes will have as part of the team.

/Daily practice Monday through Friday from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Its critical that athletes make practice a priority. Missing practice should be very rare and only for important reasons. If an athlete HAS TO MISS practice they should let their individual camp coach know. If they cant reach their camp coach they should let the head coaches know (Coach Ibarra-boys Rm. 82, Coach Parker-girls Rm. 80). The athlete should also bring a note from a parent/guardian, teacher or doctor to excuse the absence. The individual camp coach will let the head coach know if an athlete has not cleared an absence. If an athlete does not excuse the absence he/she will miss the following track meet.
/BE ON TIME! Being on time sets the tone for what we are trying to do. Our daily team meeting starts at 3:30 PM. The athletes should sit with their camp captain daily. If an athlete is late, he/she will do 50 push-ups during their camp warm-up.
/Thursday dual meets count towards our league standings and are first priority. EVERYONE is expected to compete in dual meets. Saturday invitationals are designed for many of our athletes to test themselves against great competition. Not everyone will be going to these. We will try to take as many as possible. These meets cost money and if an athlete is entered, he/she is expected to be there. If he/she cannot make it, he/she MUST tell a coach or he/she risks not being invited to the next invitational. When an athlete doesnt show up, another athlete is left home.
/ Foul language is NOT TOLERATED. An athlete will do 50 push-ups for every single foul word!

/ Obey and follow team captains and coaches. They are there to help and encourage you.

As the season gets going we invite you to support your athletes at meets and follow the team along on our team website at:
Please sign the bottom of this sheet and have your athlete return it.
Thank you very much!!
Coach Gustavo Ibarra Coach Shawn Parker
Boys Coach-635-0949 Girls Coach-688-9478
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2004 Track Contract

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