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Training Routes

Click on the link for our popular running routes with mileage markers! 

NMCHS to Moss Landing-6.25 miles all the way, 12.5 miles round trip. Mostly dirt and flat with slight hills at the start and midway. Be carefull crossing Castroville Blvd and Highway 1!

NMCHS Mile Loop. Start on the 50 meter mark on the track and do a full lap. Head up hill and turn left onto perimeter of grass loop. Finish by coming on to the track and turning left. Finish at the start point. 1 mile. The 1/2 mile mark is at the bleachers behind the second baseball diamond. The 3/4 mile mark is by the gate as you finish the main baseball diamond loop.

NMCHS 1k loop. Start at the start finish line at the track and go out to the grasss loop. The 1,000 meter mark is at the stairs as you loop back. The 1/4 mile mark is just past the 2nd backstop by the team dugout. The 1/8 mile mark is on the sharp left turn on the varsity baseball outfield fence.

2 Mile Segment for Tempos. Start by the bridge in Castroville and head east to end of trial. Turn right and head to road. Turn right and finish where trail turns right.