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Runner of the Meet

Runner of the Meet!

2006 Season

Jeff Carson (JR)

2004 Season


Ivan Alfaro (JR)
He kicked off 2004 by running 16:06 to win the Junior boys Earlybird race! That was the #1 condor this year and the 4th fastest junior on the course ever! WOW!!

Earlybird Course Records


Keli Parker (SR)
Keli flies to a 15:15 at Woodbridge to pace the Condors and sets him to place very high at State!
Jonathan Olivares (SR)
Jonathan runs 20:07 to knock off over a minute off his PR! Soon in the 19's!!
MBL Quad
Michael Machado (FR)
Michael runs 18:36! Great frosh time! Watch out!!
Mike Palmtag (JR)
Mike paces himself perfectly, passes 40-50 guys in last mile and runs 5th man for the team win!! Great job!


Great American
Jose Garcia (SR)
Jose runs a perfect race to place 41st in loaded national field and help team to a 5th place!!! WOW!!
Pacific Grove
Jose Esparza (FR)
With the top 8 in North Carolina, Jose leads the Condor charge at PG and runs the teams top time! Sweet!
Mark Palmtag (JR)
Mark paces himself perfectly, passes tons of guys in last mile and places 5th in the JV race to lead the team to 2nd place!
Monterey Bay
Carlos Garcia (SR)
Carlos ran a perfect strategic race to storm from behind and win the JV race and he also led his team to victory! Great job!
Roberto Romero (JR)
Roberto led the JV squad with a 17:20 and helped the team place 3rd! Awesome!

2004 Season

Ivan Alfaro kicks off 2004 by running 16:06 to win the Junior boys Earlybird race! That was the #1 condor this year and the 4th fastest junior on the course ever! WOW!!

2003 Season
Kenny Padilla (JR) ran away with the JV race at Chieftain and for his efforts he receives this weeks "Runner of the week"!

9/13/03 Roberto Romero (SO) ran to a great 3rd place finish in the JV/FS race at ED SIAS and is honored as runner of the week!! MUY BIEN

Sam List (JR) has worked his tail off in the past two years. He ran 24 minutes at Earlybird as a Freshman, 19 minutes as a sophomore and ran a huge 17:33 this year! Keep it up Sam, the first athlete of the meet for 2003!!

<DIV><FONT size=3>2002 Season


<DIV><FONT size=3><FONT face="Times New Roman,Times,serif">9/21/02 This week the award goes to Danny Tapia for coming back from some shin splints to win the JV race at the Chieftain Invitational.&nbsp; Danny will test his skill with the Varsity squad at the Stanford Invitational.&nbsp; Danny was our #1 runner last year and will make the team a force to be reconed with as he moves to his old stomping grounds! GO DANNY!</FONT> </FONT></DIV>

<DIV><FONT size=3>

9/14/02 This weeks award goes to our younger Lucio. Mike showed some true toughness as he overcame a sore knee to place a strong 5th in the JV race at the Ed Sias invitational. Mike did most of the work as he led the race until 400 meters to go. Wait until his knee feels better!

9/7/02 Co-awards to our sophomore dinamic duo as they put on a show placing 2nd and 3rd at Earlybird. Keli Parker ran a 20 second PR from last season at 16:39 with Nathan Huerta having one of the biggest PR's possible at 16:40. If you're interested, Nathan ran 18:10 as a freshman, that's a 1:30 PR!!!!! Unheard of at that level!!!

2001 Season

9/8/01 Mike Burker (SR), our team leader, started of his Senior campaign with a fine 16:44 effort on our home course. Mike is looking to be onw of the top runners in the League and CCS! GO MIKE!

9/15/01 Steve Munoz (JR), ran a superb 16:00 2.8 mile race at Lowell and closed our gap with Mike. We need the other team members to follow Steve and bring the Varsity together.

9/17/01 Jose Garcia (SO), ran a gutsy 17:28 on our home course against Alisal. Jose should lead a power packed sophomore squad that will come away with many plaques this season!

9/22/01 Keli Parker (FR), almost came away with a victory as he placed 2nd in the freshman race with a fine 17:55! Keli is the leader of a very strong freshman group!

9/24/01 Luke Anthony (SR), placed 2nd overall with a 17:25 on our home course to lead a three team sweep of Alvarez!

9/29/01 The whole Sophomore Team! They ran an inspired race with only a 21 second gap from 1-5 to destroy the field and take the 1st place plaque! Jose Garcia, Danny Tapia, Eric Padilla, Michael Lucio and Arturo Alfaro led the charge!

10/1/01 Alex Lucio (JR), led a powerful JV squad against Gilroy with a dominating win in 17:44 on our home course. Once again the Condors swept the competition!

10/6/01 Ryan Puckett (SO), shut the door as the number 5 sophomore for another convincing team win at the Artichoke Invitational. Puckett ran a great 13:43 on the 2.25 mile course!

10/10/01 Nathan Huerta (FR), a member of the power packed freshman team, had a break through performance against Gilroy on our home course. Nathan had been running in the middle 19:00's but no more, he gutted out an 18:11 and ended up being our #2 freshman of the day. Great job Nathan, keep it up!

10/13/01 Miguel Rocha (SR), ran a fine 17:31 PR on the tough Crystal Springs course.

10/15/01 Eric Padilla (SO), ran a great 17:52 at Toro Park to place 2nd in the Frosh/Soph race. The team swept the competition once again!!!

10/19/01 Enoch Trujillo (FR), ran a fine 18:35 on the tough Mt. SAC course to lead the freshmen to a 3rd place finish!

10/23/01 Danny Tapia (SO), a newcomer to the program, ran an inspired race against the defending league champions, Hollister. He came from way back in the pack and placed 5th overall in the Varsity race. Look out for Danny on Saturday!!

10/27/01 The whole Varsity Girls, JV Boys and Frosh Soph Boys Teams! They dominated the competition at the MBL League Championships!! Each team placed 6-7 runners in the top 10 of their respective races to blow away the field. What a team!</FONT></DIV>

E-mail Coach Ibarra to nominate an athlete of the meet!!