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North Monterey County High School
proudly presents!


The Twenty-First Annual
Hoka One One Earlybird
Saturday, September 12th, 2015
Toro Park Salinas




Prepcaltrack coverage with results, story, pictures!

Thanks for coming to Earlybird and making it such a huge success! Without you bringing your team, we would not have been able to have the atmosphere we had. Your kids were great, on and off the course. Thanks again. Thanks to the weather man also for getting the forecast wrong. My prayers were answered there.
The results have been loaded to, and are linked at most running websites including our event page at
Rich Gonzalez from made a surprise appearance and has posted results as well and will be loading pictures and a meet story this evening at
The highlights included a new course record (17:00) by Cate Ratliff (Santa Cruz) along with a new course record for her team (94:30)!! Cate broke Tori Tyler's (Gunn) course record of 17:17 (2004) by 17 seconds! When that record was set most of us thought it was untouchable. Quite the run by Cate yesterday! The ladies from Aptos also shined brightly at 94:38 also under their own course record of 95:13 from last year! Two great squads representing CCS very well this year. Gillian Meeks (Gunn) and Marea Zlatunich (Aptos) both clocked 17:53 to punch their names into the top 10 all time at the park while Mari Friedman (Santa Cruz) moves into the top 15. The ladies certainly stole the show.
The Bellarmine Boys blasted an 80:09 team time moving them up 2 spots to #2 all time at Toro and setting a school record for them and taking the team time award which Madera South had taken several years in a row. They were missing their #1 runner and had one of their top guys a bit ill. They would have certainly taken the park record from Carlmont (79:58-2012) with their #1 on board. Good luck to the Bells this season. Madera South ran 81:09 without 2 of their regular scorers! Hoping for a healthy return for them. Their ace Eduardo Herrera led the way for the boys blasting a 15:15 good for #6 all time at the park and only 1 second slower than his brother ran (Jose Herrera-15:14-2012).
Finally, congrats to St. Ignatius for wrestling the coveted ""Top overall program" award from Bellarmine who had won it several years running! Certainly the hardest one to win at Earlybird! They scored in 7 out of 8 races!
Updated course records can be found on the meet website also
Thanks again and make sure to let me know how we can make the meet a more enjoyable experience for you and your kids.
Mark your calendars, Earlybird will be Saturday, September 10th, 2016.
Coach Ibarra
Earlybird Meet Director

(Updated 9/12/15)
Top 10 Boys' Team Times

1 Carlmont 79:58 2012

2 Bellarmine 80:09 2015

3 Mountain View 80:13 2008

4 Madera South 80:17 2014

5 Los Gatos 80:45 2006

6 King City 80:55 2014

7 Los Altos 81:05 2012

8 West Torrance 81:08 2014

9 North Monterey County 81:10 2003

10 Willow Glen 81:23 2006 

Top 10 Girls' Team Times

1 Santa Cruz 94:30 2015

2 Aptos 94:38 2015

3 Homestead 95:41 2014 

4 Los Gatos 96:01 2006

5 Mountain View 96:11 2008

6 Carlmont 96:22 2006

7 Monta Vista 96:36 2014 

8 Gunn 96:48 2014

9 Mitty 96:52 2014

10 Saint Francis 97:14 2014 

Top 25 Boys All-Time

1 15:02 Estifanos, Yohaness 12 Milpitas 2012

2 15:05 D’Acquisto, Domenic 12 Enterprise 2010

3 15:12 Petrillo, Matthew 12 Los Gatos 2006

4 15:13 Abdalla, Mohamed 12 Willow Glen 2007

5 15:14 Herrera, Jose 12 Madera South 2012

6 15:15 Herrera, Eduardo 12 Madera South 2015

7 15:19 Foster, Christopher 12 Los Gatos 2014

8 15:20 Estrada, Diego 12 Alisal 2007

8 15:20 Ho, Richard 12 Leland 2012

10 15:21 Mineau, Jeremy 11 Menlo Atherton 2002

10 15:21 Geiken, Will 12 Los Gatos 2010

10 15:21 Sum, Steven 12 Saratoga 2014

13 15:22 Fitzpatrick, Dylan 12 Carmel 2004

14 15:24 Morales, Ben 11 San Benito 1998

14 15:24 Dunn, Alex 11 San Lorenzo Valley 2002

16 15:27 Johnson, Tyre 11 Palma 2007

16 15:27 Lema, Nohe 12 Willow Glen 2008

16 15:27 Corvese, Ryan 12 Sobrato 2012

16 15:27 Vasquez, Miguel 12 Andrew Hill 2012

20 15:28 Hunt, Rylan 12 Aptos 2008

21 15:29 Rowe, Garrett 10 Mountain View 2008

21 15:29 Schuh, Parker 11 Mountain View 2009

23 15:31 Sitler, Ben 11 St. Francis 2004

24 15:33 Strum, Weston 12 Pioneer 2009

25 15:34 Huerta, Nathan 11 North Monterey County 2003

25 15:34 Nelson, Tim 10 Liberty Christian 2000

25 15:34 Sartor, Matt 12 Enterprise 2000

Top 25 Girls All-Time

1 17:00 Ratliff, Cate 12 Santa Cruz 2015

2 17:16 Tyler, Tori 12 Gunn 2004

3 17:22 Lacy, Elizabeth 12 Menlo School 2014

4 17:23 Maxwell, Anna 12 San Lorenzo Valley 2013

5 17:42 Fraser, Vanessa 12 Scotts Valley 2012

6 17:44 Hiltz, Nikki 11 Aptos 2011

7 17:46 Katz, Danielle 12 Los Gatos 2012

8 17:49 Jacob, Lauren 9 Los Altos 2012

9 17:50 Robinson, Sarah 12 Gunn 2013

10 17:53 Gallagher, Michelle 12 Sacred Heart 2002

10 17:53 Meeks, Gillian 12 Gunn 2015

10 17:53 Zlatunich, Marea 10 Aptos 2015

13 17:54 Estrada, Vanessa 12 San Benito 2012

14 17:58 Friedman, Mari 10 Santa Cruz 2015 

15 18:00 Hinds, Rachel 12 St. Ignatius 2010

16 18:02 Nevitt, Casey 12 Aptos 2002

16 18:02 Weigel, Maya 12 Mountain View 2012

18 18:03 Goo, Kylie 12 Westmoor 2012

19 18:07 Barnett, Stephanie 11 Leland 2007

20 18:08 Grelli, Melissa 11 Presentation 2002

21 18:09 Plank, Mckayla 10 Mitty 2002

21 18:09 Viehweg, Ciera 10 St. Ignatius 2002

21 18:09 Peterson, Jessie 12 Carlmont 2010

24 18:14 Gee, Caroline 9 Cupertino 2014

25 18:15 Fedronic, Justine 12 Carlmont 2008

25 18:15 Bergman, Jennifer 12 Valley Christian 2008


The DEADLINE to REGISTER HAS PASSED! Any small changes for registered teams need to be made at the meet with Mark McConnell!

If you missed entering your athletes or any other big changes contact me ASAP! 

Contact Meet Director Coach Ibarra at

Come join us for our 21st annual presentation of the Hoka One One Earlybird Invitational on Saturday, September 12th! The 2015 Earlybird will bring on a new shoe sponsor and will be held once again at Toro Park in Salinas. The Toro Park course is superb for cross country. It features a very competitive 3 mile course with flat & hilly dirt paths at the site of multiple CCS and League Championships. Over 75 teams are expected to kick off their 2015 seasons at Earlybird.

Visit our meet website for meet information, past meet coverage, results, records, course maps, driving directions, videos, and pictures! And, once again, Earlybird registration will be done online at Please make sure you register your athletes by Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 by 8 PM! Please look below for information about "On Site Sports" that will be on hand once again.

Open Public Race 3 miles 7:45 A.M.
Open Middle School Girls' Race 2 miles 8:10 A.M.
Open Middle School Boys' Race 2 miles 8:35 A.M.
Girls' Freshman Race 3 miles 9:00 A.M.
Boys' Freshman Race 3 miles 9:30 A. M.
Girls' Sophomore Race 3 miles 10:00 A.M.
Boys' Sophomore Race 3 miles 10:30 A.M.
Girls' Junior Race 3 miles 11:00 A.M.
Boys' Junior Race 3 miles 11:30 A.M.
Girls' Senior Race 3 miles 12:00 P.M.
Boys' Senior Race 3 miles 12:30 P.M.

SCORING: The top 5 finishers in each race will count toward the team score. The 6th and 7th finishers will displace. No runners past the 7th team finisher will be counted in the team scoring. The Overall Team Champion will be scored as follows: 1st=10 pts., 2nd=8 pts., 3rd=6 pts., 4th=4 pts., 5th=2 pts.

AWARDS: Plaque for winning team in each race. Medals to first 7 members of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in each race. Medals to top 10 runners not on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in each race. Trophy for first place individual finisher in each race. Plaque for Overall Boys and Girls Team Champion. Big plaque for Overall combined boys and girls program. Hoka One One will also provide some special awards for top finishers.

OTHER: Please arrive early! Traffic is known to back up entering Toro Park! Park Rangers will charge a $8 parking fee for cars inside the park. This year the cars will be admitted into the park without stopping and will be charged the parking fee when you EXIT. Please plan on paying when you leave. There will be a snack shack and vendors. Custom T-shirts and gear will be on sale.

The open alumni/public race and the open middle school race will be non-scoring without official results but medals will be given to the top 5 finishers overall in each gender. These open races require no fee (they are free!) or registration but they do require a signed waiver (linked below or available at the race) signed by someone over 18 yrs. old. Awards for these races have been expanded! For open race we will do 5 medals for top finishers. For middle school races we will do medals for the top 7 kids on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams and medals for the top 5 kids overall. So, 26 medals per race. Please pick up a race bib at registration and put your name and your school name in order to be in the scoring for the middle school team awards.

CONTACT: Coach Gustavo Ibarra (W) 831- 633-5221 (Cell) 831- 524-1283.

ENTRY FEES: Make checks payable to North Monterey County High School.

Send to Gustavo Ibarra, North Monterey County HS, 13990 Castroville Blvd., Castroville, CA 95012

You can also hand deliver the check to the meet.
The fee is based on the total number of runners from your school.
Please use this chart to calculate your fee.


Waiver for MIDDLE SCHOOL AND PUBLIC race ONLY! High school athletes do not need a signed waiver.


"On Site Sports" will be at Earlybird once again selling all sorts of merchandise with special Earlybird logos as well as customizable items! Save your pennies and help support the NMC XC Team! Click on their logo above for an idea of the items!

Earlybird History
Results and media!




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 Please arrive early to Toro Park!  There will be congestion entering the park! 
And, make sure to remind athletes to hydrate properly!


Buses are free; all other vehicles are $8.00. Vans filled with team members in uniform usually are not charged a park entrance fee. Vehicles will not be charged upon entering but they will be charged when leaving. This will help eliminate congestion coming in.

Don't miss the best early season invitational!!