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Newspaper Articles

Condors making headlines!!


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10/18/06 Nice article on MBL wins at Pinto Lake!

4/16/06 Herald covers area track with notes on NC!

9/13/05 Pajaronian covers Earlybird!

4/28/05 Herald sayd a "Big One" for Condors

11/14/04 Post CCS Mercury News Article

11/14/04 Post CCS Herald Article

11/10/04 Pre-CCS Herald Article

11/3/04 Pajaronian Post-MBL Article

11/1/04 Herald Post-MBL Article

11/1/04 Californian Post-MBL Article

10/14/04 Herald covers Monterey Bay Invite

10/6/04 Pajaronian covers Great American

9/16/04 "Lots of potential at North County" says Herald!

9/13/04 Pajaronian covers 2004 Earlybird

2003 Season

12/1/03 Pajaronian Post-State Report

12/1/03 Californian Post-Race Report

11/29/03 Pajaronian Pre-State Coverage

11/28/03 Californian Pre-State Coverage

11/27/03 Herald Pre-State Coverage

11/17/03 Pajaronian covers CCS-CHAMPS!!

11/17/03 Californian covers CCS Championships, we win!!

11/17/03 Monterey Herald covers CCS-We win!!

11/14/03 Herald PRE-CCS Coverage

11/4/03 Nate is Herald's "Athlete of the Week"

11/1/03 Monterey Herald recaps MBL Championships-We win!

9/11/03 Pajoronian covers Earlybird

9/11/03 Californian ranks us first and highlights Nate

2002 Season

12/3/02 "Condors satisfied with 12th at State"-Pajaronian

11/30/02 Pre-State Meet Article-Pajaronian

11/11/02 Awesome article & picture in the Pajaronian!!

11/10/02 Check out CCS Previews from the Monterey Herald

11/02/02 The Herald covers our MBL Title!!

11/02/02 Great coverage in the Pajaronian about our League Title!!

10/21/02 Monterey Herald covers the teams great day at Monterey Bay Invitational!

10/01/02 Pajaronian has great coverage on Stanford! Keli is featured with a nice picture :)

9/26/02 The Californian says "Condors rise to the top". Check it out!

9/19/02  Great article in the Californian about the area schools with North County as favorites for the MBL Title!  Great picture of Keli running on the world :)

9/10/02  Great article in the Pajaronian about our own Earlybird Invitational.  The article mentions practically the whole team and features a nice picture of Alex Lucio in the Seniors race.  Check it out!

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