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North Monterey County Condors Track & Field



Look at the condors fly!! 4:48 first mile!!!

2003 Track Training Periods (The Lydiard/Wetmore model)
Period Duration Dates Title Training Examples
A 6 Weeks 12/12-1/23 Aerobic Base Ascend to full volume Long runs
Long run=20% weekly mileage Medium distance
Steady-medium distance runs Strides
No intervals, AT, fartleks, races
B 5 Weeks 1/23-2/27 Aerobic Short Specificity Race Pace work 200 meter repeats w/600 jog
Not anaerobic Fartlek 90 sec hard 3 1/2 min rest
Full recovery short intervals 1:4
Get used to going fast again
Long run=20% weekly mileage
C 6 Weeks 2/27-4/10 Aerobic Long Specificity Longer intervals/mile repeats (drop pace gradually) Mile repeats 8:00 cycles
Not anaerobic Repeats 1:1 rest
Start slower than race pace & get faster 300's w 200 rest
Long Fartleks 400's w 200 rest
Long aerobic efforts Time trials
Long run=20% weekly mileage
D 3 Weeks 4/10-5/1 Anaerobic Specificity Short/fast intervals with short rest 800's w 400 rest
Steady long runs & medium distance runs mile repeats w 2:30 rest
Drop runs by 10-25% of distance 300's w/ 1:1 rest
400's w/ short rest
E 2 Weeks 5/1-5/15 Anaerobic Speed Deep anaerobic stimulus 8X300's w/ :30 rest
Puke and come back for more! 2X800 fast with 1:1 rest
Sprinting and intervals faster than race pace

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