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Captain Duties


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North Monterey County Condors Track & Field

North Monterey County Track & Field Captain Duties

Congratulations! Youve been selected by the coaches to be a track captain! Being a captain is an honor and a great responsibility. As a team leader, youll need to lead by example and set the tone for the entire team. As you work with the coaches in the following duties, youll receive great satisfaction and pleasure in seeing the team follow your lead and shoot for the stars!! Plus, youll receive a nice captain patch for your hard work (. Make sure you always act with class and never, for any reason, take advantage of your position as a team captain. The privilege can and will be taken away if necessary. Here are your responsibilities as a track captain:


Be at practice at 3:25 PM. Help the coaches settle the team down and start team meetings at 3:30 PM.


Take roll for your camp on a daily basis on a clipboard that the coaches will provide (Your camp will sit with you in a row and check in with you).


If anyone from your camp is late, you will have them do 50 push-ups as part of your camp warm-up.


If an athlete is absent, you will call them that evening and find out the reason for their absence. You will notify the coaches of un-excused absences and encourage the athlete to not miss again.


Lead the team warm-up. Keep the team close together to jog a lap (captains in front and in back of the group) and youll lead the stretching circle. Youll lead the team break and include all athletes, dont allow them to mess around during team activities.


Follow all team rules (No foul language from captains!) and enforce the rules for your camp (For example; if an athlete uses foul language, you can call them on it and have them do push-ups).

Always teach by EXAMPLE.


Be the hardest worker in your camp. Help the camp coach carry out the workout. Lead by EXAMPLE.


You are responsible for the athletes in your camp at all times, even when traveling to and from meets.


Lead the team warm-up and break just like in practice.


Help get your camp athletes prepared (warmed up) for their individual events.


Be the first to congratulate your camp athletes, you are their biggest cheerleader.


Help the coaches at all times.


Help set-up and take down team camps and collect team equipment.


Bring team spirit into your camp by encouraging and cheering for your teammates and encouraging your camp to do the same.


Show them how to compete with class.

*If you are willing to do these things and be a track captain, youll have the greatest track season ever!!

Coach Ibarra & Coach Parker